Monday, January 3, 2011

Bah Humbug

Oh, the new year, you old . . . yea whatever.

For some reason I'm not all that excitable about 2011. I'm generally pleased with life. In 2010 I got married, that was awesome, still is awesome. Let's see . . . um, 'bought' another used car? Yea, perhaps the lack of milestones? Again, generally pleased. To be clear, I'm not hating on 2011, per se, more hating on the New Year's Eve concept.

The thing is, I just don't get the excitement about a new year. I was under the impression that the reason new years were celebrated was because back in the day people were excited to have survived another year? Although, I thought that was what Thanksgiving had been all about. Not to mention that real Thanksgiving was apparently in March, or something?

It is possible that my other reason for a total lack of excitement is that I can't get behind resolutions. Anything that relates to improving your life because the year changed clearly sets a person up for failure. If you really want to improve your life or yourself it should have nothing to do with the date. It seems advisable to try to commit yourself to, um, yourself ,everyday, not just on January 1st.

Or maybe my fear of weighing myself after the holidays has something to do with it. But who could say, really?

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