Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Peeing is cool.

So, about that slipping up. I know I said I don't care for resolutions and I don't, still, but that whole thing about learning obvious lessons? Still bad at it. I am getting better at the not beating myself up though.

I said I would alternate between a 250 and 500 calorie deficit per week. I've been finding the 500 mark hard to handle but the 250 has been much easier. In fact, the last few days I've managed 350. I worked hard to resist snacking after dinner but then enjoyed being hungry at breakfast. (A feeling I missed over the holidays.) I even weighed myself this morning. Which, given how I'd been feeling about the number I expected, was rather daring. Also, it wasn't as bad as I expected! Hurray for not the worst!

There was an article today's Food Section about D.C. chefs who have lost weight. Which, yay. I mean, one can hope that this would mean restaurants will start thinking about portions (of butter). One in particular said, "I fuel my body on breakfast and lunch and work it off. Dinner is supplemental, just enough to get through to the next day." Totally brilliant! Dinner is so dangerous. It is easily one of my top 2 mine fields. The other one is the office kitchen. I swear, things I would never eat in real life enter my mouth when I enter the office kitchen. There was another chef who said he started dieting because he hadn't peed in the three days. Kudos to him for a return to kidney and liver function!

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