Friday, December 4, 2009

Follow Up to Randomness and Other New Randomness

After I wrote about my hate for Eat This, Not That and how its sodium suggestions are going to kill you slowly I found an article that totally backs me up. Thanks, media.

After I wrote about how preventable disease is a major culprit in the health care crisis I found an article about how increasing cases of diabetes are going to continue to cost us more and more. Thanks for backing me again, media.


Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes. Its no secret that its tough to fall off the wagon in the public eye. The guy from the Subway commercials is apparently no exception. I can say with some certainty that what Carnie Wilson, Kristie Alley, Dustin Diamond and Jared from Subway have in common is not just that they're washed up stars but that they all have discussed at one time or another that they were or even still are eating a lot of processed food. Kristie Alley still talks about how she wants to start a line of frozen food as part of a diet company she is going to manage. She claims to have cracked the code of weight loss.

Well, let me tell you, here is the secret. I can tell you the code (which Kristie Alley hasn't cracked). The code is there is no code. If anyone has cracked the code its Mark Pollan. It reminds me of another Oprah code crack. The emperor has no clothes, people.


diane w said...

agreed! i love mark polan. i think the biggest thing we can do for weightloss in america is to EDUCATE people about WHAT (exactly) they are eating. books that talk about how farms are run and what the two american diet staples of cattle and chickens are fed (99% of the time it's corn - CORN - THAT IS NOT NATURAL) do the most good in helping people to realize that it's not only what YOU eat, but what you EAT eats that plays a huge part in your nutrition. as in, pay the extra $3 to buy vegetarian cage-free eggs. trust me. oh yes, so anyways, i love him. nice post xtina :)

diane w said...

i love him so much i spelled his name wrong. good job, d.