Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Labels Are Marketing Too

If you are eating a food that requires you to be reminded of its origin, perhaps you have a problem.

When it comes to fries*, I hope Americans are smart enough to see through a claim such as, "Having the skin on is a way to remind people that fries come from potatoes . . . ". Did these people miss the Jamie Oliver show earlier this year? That show also had issues but even the commercials made it abundantly clear that kids in this country have no idea where food comes from. Feed your kid a freaking potato already. Going to a fast food joint to pick up fries can't be faster than putting a potato in the microwave**.

* I am not suggesting you should not eat fries, only that they have a place in life and that place does not include being a side at every single meal.

** I admit they are tastier and healthier in the oven.

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