Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear Self

Dear Self,

Hi! There is something very, very important that you need to know. This is that I love you. This is a love that no one will ever equal and a love that no one can ever take away. This love requires you to be honest with yourself. The truth is that you are amazingly good at getting in your own way and keeping yourself from feeling that unequaled love. So its time to get out of the way and be honest. Time to make a bunch of important promises to yourself.

First, stop eating when you aren't hungry. This is the root of almost every problem you have. You go to the fridge when you're bored, tired, stressed or pretty much anything else. This makes you unhappy. So basically all your emotions go in your mouth and when they come out you are unhappy. Essentially you're making yourself unhappy for simply having feelings. Stop it. You love yourself more than that.

Second, stop eating things you don't really want or enjoy. This is how you distract yourself from being in the moment or having to think or having to talk or having to do pretty much anything except shove food in your face. This is stupid. Get out of the way with that fork you beautiful woman! Further, stop eating when you aren't hungry. This is the previous problem on ten. Rather than show how much you love yourself by eating exactly how much you actually want, enjoying every bit of it and then stopping, you continue to feed yourself for no apparent reason. Show your love by paying attention to your life.

Third and finally, live in the now. Enjoy this minute by enjoying what is actually going on rather than eating for no reason, eating to avoid something or eating just because. Stop eating so fast. Smile, love me because I love you more than you'll ever know - now spend the rest of your moments showing it. Calories are not the way.

So, in summary:
1. Only eat when you're hungry.
2. Stop eating when you're full. Full means comfortable and no longer hungry, it does not mean bursting at the seams.
3. SLOW DOWN! Have a bite. Enjoy the bite. Consider another bite. Decide what that bite could be like. Only have another bite if you really want to and are actually hungry.
4. Enjoy things that are not food like reading words or learning something new. Feed your soul more and your face less.

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