Thursday, October 23, 2008

News Flash: Cupcakes Are Tasty

Today one of my most awesome coworkers had a half dozen cupcakes brought to her. Clearly I could NOT leave the girl with the responsibility of 6 entire cupcakes all by herself. I mean, I love her too much for that. Also, cupcakes are my favorite food. I was way ahead of the cupcake fad, all those bakers were just copying me.

These cupcakes actually descended upon my day at the perfect time. I was really looking for an energy boost but also I had already attended my monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers (more on that tomorrow) so I could indulge a little without having to worry TOO much about its appearance on the scale/my butt. I had been really good all week, I was teaching pilates tonight and thus I deserved an awesome cupcake. Its easy to beat yourself up about indulgences but actually science wants you to know its ok. So, self, enjoy that cupcake, don't have one everyday and do your best - its all you can do!

PS- My birthday is coming up and I plan to enjoy the indulgences associated with that. I mean you only have one birthday a year!

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