Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the Event of a Fake Emergency, Stop It

A close friend of mine and I always find ourselves trying to order nearly everything on a restaurant's menu when we're together. This could be because we enjoy wine or because we just like food but as we got older we started to actually say out loud, "we will eat again". I'm not even kidding. We ordered as if the menu would be taken from us in moments and that we would have to order our last supper right then and there. Reminding ourselves that there was no emergency and that no one would take our plates from us is something we found pretty hilarious. And then we'd order more wine...

This 'emergency' attitude is something I've always had. For no apparent reason I have a habit of behaving like I have to store up food. I was lucky as a kid and never went to bed hungry (not even as punishment) so its not from a childhood of suffering. I still do this even by myself. This past Saturday my boyfriend and I went out for breakfast. It was pretty tasty and I was plenty satisfied. Once we got home I had about two hours before I was meeting friends for a very fall trip to a pumpkin patch. Somehow I convinced myself I needed to eat lunch, even though I was not hungry, because I didn't know where my next meal would come from. A better solution would have been to pack a string cheese or snack in my purse. DUH! I finished up the weekend having eaten way too much because little choices like this added up, like I said yesterday, little steps add up to big results.

Reminder and something to add to my pledge to my self: Self, hunger is not an emergency. Chill out! (I'm a child of the 80s, shut up).

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