Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Weight of a Small Toddler

Maybe its because I read a lot of news in an effort to feed myself without eating but sometimes certain articles seem so timely! As you can tell, I've been thinking a lot about satiety lately. When I'm eating I think: am I enjoying this? Is this worth it? Do I like this enough to eat these calories over something I might want later in the day or even the week? I get all flustered and try to take on too much at once and things often go down hill.

When I'm able to consciously slow down the answers to all those questions are usually some variation of not eating another bite of chocolate/cheese/turkey bacon/insert food here. Not because I'm denying myself but because I'm legitimately full or uninterested in the flavor of something. I'd really like to know if these researchers thought to look further into other habits of the obese people they studied. Not just if they have some sort of emotional connection to food but if they tend to eat quickly or if they like to cook.

One of the things I've done since getting my act together (in the ways the study suggests is so challenging: stopping the pattern of obesity) is to have fresh produce delivered. In addition to my pledge about loving myself I've taken a lot of little steps to get where I am. Two years ago I lost the weight equivalent to about one toddler or 80 sticks of butter or 8 sacks of potatoes; also known as almost 40 pounds. I went from being just shy of obese to being within a healthy weight range for my height. I did this by making small changes every day. Little choices like having a green grocer in combination with taking a night job in a gym and a million other little things add up to big results. When research suggests that its hard to end the cycle of obesity they're right. It is hard but mostly because humans often try to, logically, make everything perfect right away.

My point is baby steps! And I'm adding this in my pledge to myself. Don't be so hard on yourself, self. Baby steps!

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