Monday, October 20, 2008

The Devil Was in the Board Room

This is the worst possible time of day - only slightly worse than the few hours after dinner. Both lunch and dinner bring in the euphoria of having consumed something tasty and lunch has the added benefit of having broken up the work day with something that doesn't have to involve a computer screen. But it also brings the threat of stuffing yourself with things that you don't need and ultimately can ruin your mood for the rest of the day.

Today, the day after I publicly declared my love for myself (I'm really not as crazy as that sounds in writing), brought the worst possible type of threat: the sudden work lunch. Worse, this lunch was brought in and served family style. I spent the entire lunch trying to listen but thinking 'is that cous cous worth it' also known, in crazy talk, as 'does that cous cous help you show yourself you love yourself'? Really, not crazy, promise.

Before the actual food was revealed I decided I would not eat any of it if there weren't decent and tasty options. I was armed with my own previously packed lunch including broccoli and tasty proteins. Luckily there was steamed chicken and veggies and hummus. Plenty of protein and it was actually pretty good. I took one bite of cous cous, decided it wasn't that great and left the rest. I was proud of myself for not taking an issue with cous cous too far. Which is generally something I'm really good at. Hence the whole, stop getting in your own way thing. Confession: I used to rub dinner rolls on restaurant floors to keep myself from eating them. I still contended its Bertucci's fault for making carbohydrates so freaking tasty. So my choices were pretty great and I was all proud of me. I did get seconds but both my plates were almost entirely vegetables so I was okay with it.

Then came my most favorite time of day: free dessert time. This happens frequently around here and is the culprit for much of the extra self in today's Banana Republic size 8 Ryan Style trousers. I assessed the dessert tray carefully.

-Bakalava: eh, I know, Greek girl who doesn't like it - crazy - but actually I like certain baklava just not the contents of this type. Real baklava is soaking wet with sugar and honey and has barely any nut chunks. Reminder to self: must figure out how to make this.
-Madeleine cookies: in another situation I'd have one but they're pretty plentiful in life and I'm lacking in extra calories today after this weekend's restaurant bonanza.
-Brownies: oh crap, choclate mmmmm I want I want I wa...wait - those are totally from Costco. Score!

So now here I am about half an hour after consumption of tasty calories and my body is saying: time for something sweet! To which I say: self, you are not hungry AND there is pineapple in your tupperware - you can wait a few hours. Love ya!

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