Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Is Totally Feasible That You Could Find Something Shiny and Forget to Eat, Right?

Are you someone who:

1. Regularly gets into situations where work/your child/traffic/shiny things distract you?
2. Often chooses not to eat when there is a larger planned meal ahead?
3. Goes to the gym after work not having eaten dinner?
4. Is too lazy to get up from the couch to eat a meal until you're ready to eat the dog/cat/child?

If you are, welcome to the human race.

If you aren't, shut up, we all hate you and don't want to know about your perfect life. I bet you even have a white picket fence. Really, could you do something to make yourself look bad so the rest of us don't feel so guilty? It would be the right thing to do on your part. For humanity's sake.
So back to those of you who are normal and get stuck in one of the four situations listed above. I am really good at one, two and four. For example, just the other day fiance came home from work a bit later than usual and the only things I had consumed were leftover crackers from our New Year's party and a glass of wine. But damned if I hadn't measured out 4 ounces of wine so I could journal them. What? It made sense to me when I was curled in a ball freaking out at Will Smith as Robert Neville and his dark seekers of doom. Also, the crackers were organic and some of them were whole grain. That totally makes up for it.

While my choice at the time was to satiate myself (and sooth my fear of mutating humans) with wine I have to admit that when presented with this kind of situation most of my choices usually contain things I wouldn't normally put in my body if I hadn't waited until I was ravenous. Those choices usually contain the oft-discussed high fructose corn syrup. Everyone is so over this issue, I know. Modified sugars are bad blahblahblah. Its made of corn blah. But it seems like no one actually knows why they are bad or how they actually affect you*.

Your body is totally confused by the fructose in HFCS. So when you eat these easy-to-find crisis snacks that contain the substance your body has no idea it has eaten as much as it has. So basically, you're not helping yourself fight the crisis starvation and in turn you eat more than you need to or would eating a less processed food.

That's the entire story. No, really. It isn't because you're propping up the corn industry (you are, but I'm not on that soap box right now). It isn't because you're eating trans fats too (although it is more likely you'll consume them in processed foods). It is just because they confuse your body. And, honestly, when you're already overwhelmed by hunger and confusion because something shiny distracted you, why make it worse for yourself?

*If you care to know more Dr. Oz can tell you all about it. Leptin is kind of cool, actually.


Martha Patzer said...

1. Yes
2. No
3. No because I don't go to the gym which is another problem.
4. YES

FeedYourSoulMoreNYourFaceLess said...

I can easily and regularly say yes to all of them except three. I would rather eat too much than not eat before working out. Working out without eating makes me feel like death on toast.