Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Ode to Puff Sections

My love of the puff sections of The Washington Post has been established and this week hasn't failed to deliver (haha, pun intended, I crack myself up). Yesterday's Health and Science section was really more science this week but still provided me with the chance to understand my home county's traffic system. Which, for a nerd, was pretty cool. But today's Food section, hooooo, boy, I think they found the Health part and slapped it on the front page today.

Today's article from Stephanie Witt Sedgewick on making food taste better without adding tons of calories was actually short and valuable (its a puff section if the articles are too long I can't stand to finish them). I even learned something: a pinch of sugar can make your sauce better without salt. I've heard of old Italian ladies putting sugar in their romesco and I am so trying this. I'll also have to agree heartily with Sedgewick on her citrus suggestion. I've been squirting half a lemon over my lunch salad lately and haven't even noticed the lack of oil. A little bit of pepper on top also makes it pretty great. Even Chop't, the salad chain, will squirt just lemon juice on your salad instead of using dressing with oil. I'll admit that I have little to no experience with her suggestion about fruit salsas because they always seem to contain mangoes which have a habit of making me swell up like a balloon.

Not only did today's Food section include Sedgewick's article but it also included a discussion of a study about how habits have, in fact, changed when consumers are presented with calorie information along with a chicken parm recipe that isn't fried. Even famous chefs like Alton Brown are talking about weight loss and how to do it while eating well. I've professed my love for Alton Brown in the past and I think he is dead on about creating a system for yourself as long as it works for you. There is even an adorable part at the beginning where he says he lost fifty pounds on a stead diet of Good Eats. Though, I worry about people trying to fit their life into his rules but at least he did that bit about not being a nutritionist. He talks about how he only has one alcoholic drink per week. Which, if that works for you, great but I couldn't do since I totally live an awesome young 20something lifestyle (or in a dream world).

It seems to me that there have been a wealth of conversations in the media and the public about these topics lately. You have to admit there must be some kind of changing tide when Food Network, keeper of American food porn is in on the conversation something is clearly going on. What's next? Paula Deen eating salad with actual green things?

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Rosalyn Metz said...

have you never seen me make sauce from scratch? sugar, garlic powder, onion powder and tomatoes. that's all you really need. if you want use some good canned tomatoes and a potato masher. i use san marazano tomatoes. and sometimes i add a 1/3 cup of feta or goat cheese to make it a rose sauce.