Tuesday, October 20, 2009


That's a song right?

I was thinking today about all the things I have 'given up'. I put this in quotes because, while I used to live on a banana a day, sometimes two, I don't miss them. I used to love them! I thought they helped me keep away muscle pain. Turns out, no, they were just letting me eat fruit that came from thousands of miles away with an extra helping of chemicals on the peel.

Of course I've also added lots of things. I have Omegas in my fridge. They are in pill form although I try to eat them in fish a fair amount (I really suck at this, if you are in a restaurant with me please yell at me to order the fish). Yay for my brain and my eyes. Fiance also takes the omegas and, in fact, is the one who remembers to purchase them. I kind of think he takes too many and AHA thinks that's bad. Also, I journal like a fiend.

I'm also getting my heart rate up regularly. In fact, perhaps it will keep me from getting that there flu everyone is upset about. Although, apparently my body is still trying to tell me things about myself that I don't know. (I so doubt this. I mean, how can you be so, um, inquisitive [read: obsessive] about yourself and not know.)

So why is this important? Why am I telling you? Well here's why: its freaking weird that I can think bananas are the be all and end all of my life and now I barely notice their absence. I mean WEIRD. I even looked up what other foods give you potassium and it turns out there are lots. Oh, the other reason, I ate oatmeal this morning and I used to believe that you could not eat oatmeal without bananas. Apparently, you can. Who knew? Probably you did. I did not.

You may now commence rolling your eyes at me.

You probably already did.

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