Friday, October 9, 2009

Hide from that Weird Girl at the Gym and Still Workout!

Alright, fine. Proven wrong. He knows how to use the microwave. I'm sorry.

Phew, that was hard.

Moving right along.

Home gym fun!

If you're saying to yourself, "that looks like an erg in the middle of a living room", you would be correct. It is one jump rope, one erg (which folds in two and hides in a corner of our dining room), one yoga mat, two five pound weights and one eight kilogram kettlebell.

What I did with this six foot square space:

2500 meter row
100 goblet squats with 8 kilos
100 sit ups with 10 pounds
50 push-ups
500 jump rope

I did this in 41 minutes and 30 seconds. Last time I tried it it took about 42 minutes.

This was perfect for my attention span. By that I mean, when I got bored of one thing I could do something else. I didn't do it in order. I did jot it down quickly while I was working so I wouldn't lose track. If I rowed for 500 meters I'd jot that down before doing 10 sit ups and jot that down before doing 10 push-ups. Its also easily modified if you don't have an erg or weights. You can skip the weights all together or hold something in your house that's heavy like a child or your pride, maybe add some extra jump ropes, a few burpees or some jumping jacks.

The best part of home gym? Not having to wonder if you're wearing gym appropriate clothing!

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