Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In NOTNews: I Love Food.

Oh, hi! (Almost said hai but am not meta enough.) Man, I have been so busy. I was just buried under so much...

Oh, whatever. I was busy having fun. Now that my liver has recovered I'm back to tell you:

Alton Brown is way hot! Apparently he lost 50 pounds and um, yea. I'm going to stop now because fiance told me to stop sweating him. But the reason I bring this up is I love Good Eats (and the motorcycle shows too) for how much he values well made food with fresh ingredients. My DVR was kind enough to allow me to watch one of the new episodes in his 10th season: breakfast. Drool.

In other food news:

I made this pork roast a few weeks ago. The basics are: dry rub with ginger, salt, pepper, cumin and cinnamon. Roast at 400 degrees until a digital thermometer says the meat is 100 internally. Then cover the whole monster in apple butter. Roast again until the meat reaches 155 degrees. Let it rest, chop and consume. Nom, nom, nom is what I have to say about that.
(I got this recipe from Cookinglight.com not Alton although it reminds me that he does have a tenderloin recipe that I found intriguing so hmmmm.)

I didn't have a roasting pan with high sides so I kind of made one:

That would be a cookie sheet with foil turned into a bowl shape. It was perfectly functional.
Tonight I tried to make pork paprikash. It was eh. I also made some pork chops recently that had a walnut crust. They were good but I've discovered I like my pork saucy. Like me? Heh heh...sorry.
Why the pork? There's an awesome butcher at one of my farmer's markets with some tasty fresh pig products.
My last item in food news is my new favorite snack. Take some cheddar, an apple, 5 or 6 walnuts and maybe some dried fruit. Now, pay attention, this is complicated. First you need a bowl or a plate. Then you need to cut the cheddar and the apple into bite sized pieces. Then, and this is where it gets challening, put it on the bowl and go sit on the couch. Best damn snack ever. In fact, could be a good small meal. We've taken to a large block of irish white cheddar of late.
And that's the days NOTnews. Good night and whatever...


Martha Patzer said...

love that alton brown.

FeedYourSoulMoreNYourFaceLess said...

Martha, you're my favorite commenter.