Monday, November 30, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I'm a big ol' liar. I said I would blog the hell out of Thanksgiving, and while I actually wanted to, I also totally wasn't interested once the time came. Did you know a lack of internet access and television can be totally awesome? Perhaps my newest health plan will be: step 1. become hermit, step 2. the end.

Okay, maybe not. So here are things I learned/revelations I had from the holidays:

1. Vegetable side dishes are so worth it and awesome. Fiance and I made apple squash puree and roasted parsnips. They were fantastic and helped me fill my plate with things that wouldn't make me feel gross later like say the gravy that sister-in-law and I made which pretty much coagulated right after we took it off the stove. Although, thats better than the gravy we made last year which seperated when we took it off the stove. There were other things made by other people, fear not.

2. There can be good leftover recipes. Fiance made a post Thanksgiving salad. (I did not partake because I went to a great restaurant with local ingredients with a friend and her husband. It was most tasty. Warning: when they say spiced nuts, they are not kidding.)

3. Airports, like ball games, will make you hungry. Well, they make me hungry. I was sure to eat a good breakfast, even at 6 am, before departing on Wednesday morning. Two hours later in the terminal, with two hours of waiting to go, I was starving. The muffin and banana were not worth it. The burrito for lunch later that day was so worth it.

4. Running in the cold with high winds will make you feel like death. Don't bother trying even if its the only exercise you'll get the entire time you're traveling for the holidays. Three times around the track (two of them walking) are not worth the ear pain that results. It felt distinctly like the ear infections I had as a kid. Since I am quite sure I never want to experience that again, I stopped. Thank God, cause ouch.

5. Going to the gym when you return home is so worth it even if you're tired and even if it means leaving a very adorable man napping on your couch. Its particularly wonderful if he has made a tasty dinner when you return. Note: we added diced cheddar to this and it was awesome. For lunch today I put it on a bed of arugula which was also awesome. And another awesome: toasted walnuts, nomnom nom.

6. When it comes to following one's own advice I am the chief of the suck in this department. Anything is exercise? Uh huh. You can do it anywhere? Whatever. Bring a jump rope? Yea, right. In my defense, there wasn't much time. I had to do things like shop and drink beer. No, I have not weighed myself since returning, thankyouvermuch.

7. Going straight to the farmer's market on your way home from the airport is totally worth it. Having food you enjoy in your home when you get back, instead of having to go out one more time or order something full of sodium made our return home, is so much more enjoyable. It also made it easier for us to do things like finish the laundry and go to the gym.

In other news, a new camera was purchased in our house. I love early Christmas presents. The pictures around here about to get pretty awesome. Fiance requested that I post his beef stir fry from last week and title it 'Ready to Wok?'.

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