Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Confessionals Are Sadly Unlike The Real World on MTV

I have a confession. This is one that you probably knew already and when I put it out on the interwebs you'll think it's the dumbest one ever.

I like cooking.

I know, so lame. The reason this is a confession is because of the way I feel about cooking. My issue with liking cooking is that I'm a working woman. Not the kind on the street corner but the kind that has an actual career and a direction with an advanced degree to back it up. You may not know it from all the grammar and spelling mistakes I've made here but I is smahrt.

So my issue with liking cooking can be enumerated in the following ways:

1. I hate standing in the kitchen. It makes my knees hurt and makes me tired. I also really despise the kitchen I have right now and so it really feels more like a hot jail when I try to cook in there.

2. I hate being all alone in there. The kitchen we have is so closed off from the rest of the apartment. If I ever make enough off this here career I will be Madame Open Floor Plan, thankyouverymuch.

3. I hate that being in the hot jail all by myself implies something about my gender. This is where my feelings make heads spin and pea soup come out. I just think that it's still a sociologically expected that because I was born a chick I'm supposed to know how to cook stuff and feed people. (For me this is probably more to do with my ethnicity since Greek people get hives from hungry guests.)

I realize that this is all mostly to do with myself and far less to do with cooking (or health and fitness which I claim to write about here) but I suppose I'm just having a hard time with being a post modernist today. I realize that the theory is that I can be in the kitchen because I choose to be and not because I'm stuck there but consargn it ladies some choices are hot and lonely!

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