Friday, September 25, 2009

Boo! Scared You!

This article scares the hell out of me.

For instance, the scariest sentence:

"There’s more money in amputating the limbs of diabetics than in counseling them on diet and exercise."

Big business is pleased to make more money by cutting of your hands and feet. Its better for their bottom line. For a people who really like to think they're smart and able to outsmart corporations, Americans are being really stupid.

To share my contribution to the epidemic/poor choices by Americans: last night for dinner I ate nachos, a glass of wine and two glasses of sangria. For the love of God, please remind me never to consume anything with triple sec again.

For the record, I'm feeling fine this morning, just horribly dehydrated. A co-worker even likened me to a raisin this morning. This? This is why I pay attention to my habits. So not worth it. I mean, clearly I should have stuck to wine.

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