Thursday, September 3, 2009

Echooo echo echooo

Um, hello? Internets? Are you there? Oh, hi. Um, so sorry about that eleven month hiatus. I, uh, hope we can make amends? Moving on?

So after eleven months I realized that on occasion I'd be walking down the street, driving, cooking or doing anything relatively normal and find I had something in my brain about health and fitness that I really wanted to put in writing. This is not to say that I want to put something down on paper so others can read it. Its more that I wished to formalize my thinking. So if only the wild blue yonder reads this I'm cool with that.

Lets see, to update: quit Weight Watchers, got engaged, chopped my hair off...there is probably more but those are the highlights. Wait! Come back! You're thinking, oh god, girl got fat again and now we're going to have to hear about how the second journey back to health is so ccchhhhhallennnnging whine whine whine. Well, yea, I might whine. But, no! Did not get back to Chubs McGee!

Despite quitting Weight Watchers and coming up with my own personal 'plan' for health I managed to make all this busy-ness work without eating my face off. Yes, my plan involves loving myself and even writing myself a letter. More to come!

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