Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why My Natural Laziness and (Former) TV Habit Are Bad News

I have a certain friend who is really good at promoting healthy habits in her life. Sometimes when we walk down the street she'll notice someone who is unhealthy looking and say 'How can you let that happen to yourself?'.

Um, hi, that was me until I was about 20. And then again until I was 21 (gained it back and lost it again). And then again until I was 24 (and hopefully never again). I'll tell you exactly how I did it. I love food. I'll also tell you this: it had zero to do with my level of activity.

I've never been able to sit still for a long time (I'm currently doing two other things while I write this, explains all them typps and spulling mistackes). For instance, I have always prefered to walk if my destination wasn't all that far. I can tell you from experience that weight gain and weight loss have almost nothing to do with exercise. Weight loss and weight gain are almost entirely about nutrition choices. Exercise has amazing benefits and is clearly part of a healthy life.

But its so easy to feel overwhelmed both in life and at the gym. People constantly say 'there is no excuse'. Um, I have a list a mile long of things that might excuse me from exercise. These things include but are not limited to: cake, cake and sleep. Oh and cupcakes. Even those freaking olympians are out there making me feel all guilty and lame on a regular basis. I mean good god woman, I can't even swim a mile now and I'm like half your age (okay maybe not half, shut up).

Negative, negative, negative. Argg. I've done it before (gained it back), I hope never to do it again (short of pregnancy), but damn is it hard to be positive and keep it going!

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Martha Patzer said...

been there.
last night I asked a nutritionist what she thought about the whole "exercise makes you fat" conversation; she thinks it's mental-- that people eat more after exercising because they think they earned it.
ps. i heart this blog!