Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things That Make Me Want to Go Over My Daily Calorie Alotment

Being underutilized at work.

People who seem to be entirely mentally healthy but completely confused by reality. I'm not talking about people who's reality differs from mine - everyone has their world view - but the people who refuse to accept that anyone else's world view is different from their own.

Wanting dessert but not wanting dessert but not needing dessert. Gah.

The lack of time I get in an average day to spend with the most important people in life including but not limited to one very adorable but overworked fiance.

Being underutilized at work while living with someone who is so overworked.

Working really hard so all signs point to yes but still having said signs point to no when I get to the proverbial finish line.

Calories in wine. Not fair.

Health insurance. Pretty much anything about it. Its cost, its inability to be useful...the list goes on.

Sports injuries from high school which were obtained by listening to a really moronic coach and will not quit despite being older and wiser. Older and wiser can make heels heal no?

Television that is so clearly bad for everyone involved.

People who exhibit a ridiculous lack of professionalism.

The cost of an iPhone. Also, the cost of technology in general.

People who judge mothers and generally perpetuate the mommy wars. Seriously? Leave these women alone about their life choices already. (Kathie Lee is what is wrong with the world. If you are following in her crappy foot steps, beware.)

People who totally link to every popular blog. GOD.

Having a hard time finding my writing 'voice'. There was another part to that sentence but I forgot what it was supposed to say.

Somehow being confused about how the 'save now' button works and losing this rant more than once. Oh the irony.

So, people, what burns you up? Gimme some comments!


Varina said...

things that make me want to go over my daily calorie allotment:

1-grad school
2-not having time to work out
3-grad school
4-wine helps you cope w grad school.

hope you're less burnt up today...

Martha Patzer said...

oh this is fun. things that make me want to go over my daily calorie limit:

1. not going to see lady gaga tonight.
2. not wanting to clean my room.
3. cupcakes.